Dec 16. 2022
Humana srca · support-to-associations


December is the month of giving, and the Foundation tries to help Santa wherever it can.

The Association of Mentally Underdeveloped Persons Zvezdara prepared a new play "Cinderella", and we gave away and distributed 50 sweet packages.

"We will always be there for the members of the Association, in order to improve their quality of life. We should all work together for the well-being of everyone and create our own fairy tales, because like in a play, kindness is worth it and pays off in the end," said Danijela Vasilijević. , addressing the audience.

The President of the Association, Jasmina Erker, thanked the Foundation for starting the initiative to collect money for the treatment of Ognje Kapata, and Danijela once again confirmed that the Foundation will implement this action from its own funds, if not enough money is collected.

Support to the Association was provided by Julijana Stanisavljević on behalf of the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs, with whom the Foundation cooperates in the field of protection of all vulnerable categories of society.

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