Dec 15. 2022
Humana srca · make-a-wish


The Humana Srca Foundation closed its big "Make a Wish" project in Bela Crkva today, fulfilling more than 70 New Year's wishes of children from this municipality.

The foundation made children happy with laptops, tablets, electric scooters, mobile phones, sports equipment, toys, and even pets. The value of the gift is around 17,000 euros, in which Tehnomanija, Sport vision and many other socially responsible companies participated, which recognized the idea and importance of bringing smiles back to children's faces in smaller and less developed municipalities in Serbia.

"When I hear these children's shouts of delight and see the joy on their faces, and the tears in the eyes of the mothers, fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers who brought them, I know that our mission has succeeded and that it is worth fighting for every child to feel what we are today felt." pointed out Danijela Vasilijević, founder and manager of the Foundation.

In the end, certificates of appreciation were awarded to the president of the municipality of Bela Crkva, Violeta Simić, for her exceptional contribution to humanitarian work and commitment, to the director of the "Vera Radivojević" Bela Crkva Home, and to local entrepreneur Jovan Andrejić, for his support and help in the implementation of humanitarian activities.