Dec 15. 2022
Humana srca · help-to-families


The Žurž family from Krušice changed from a six-member family to a nine-member family a few months ago. When Srđana's brother Goran died at the age of 35, he left behind his three children, who were abandoned by their mother. Srđan and his wife, in addition to their 4 girls, took care of 2 boys and a girl. In a short time, the children started calling them mom and dad, because even though they lacked everything material, only love and attention was in abundance.

When the Foundation heard about this noble but difficult story and the parents' fear that their children will be taken away from them because of their modest living conditions, it decided to immediately initiate action.
Together with the municipality of Bela Crkva and the best businessmen of this region, we decided to help the family and organize their living space in the next few months.

As a form of support, we have already provided the children with winter clothes and shoes, 4 mobile phones, a laptop and, most importantly, complete hairdressing equipment worth 225,000 dinars, so that the three girls, who graduated from hairdressing school, could provide themselves and their families with income, which are necessary for them.